Wednesday, December 14, 2011

so i road up to costa to go hang out with nick and jay from ATR.i left fryday night and froze my nut off.on saturday day we stopped by the mooneyes show and saw some jockabillys beetin on each other and watched some drags and split.then we met up with there freind pickles and charged it to ventura for the david mann show.i had killer photos but my kid deleted all of them ha!i love her.the show was fun and the ATR booth was a blast .nick, jay, pickles and all the homies that hung with us at the booth are a bunch of was non stop shit talking,laphing and clowning on every one that was around.thanks for a killer weekend ATR rules....after the show i went back to nicks pad to crash so i could ride home on monday. i woke up on monday to the sound of rain "FUCK"i told nick i need to buy some rain slick for the ride home and he told me to fuck off he will find me a ride back to SD.nick called his only friend MIKE D.he came over loded up my bike up and gave me a very fast and sketchy ride home thanks mike .you can check out nicks version of this story on the ATR BLOG.and check out MIKE.D's blog BLOTTOOPARTS.BLOGSPOT.COM.

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