Thursday, May 30, 2013

Puss in Boots Vintage and Pack Ratt Records

We are located at 4952 el Cajon blvd in San Diego. We specialize in:
*Vintage Boots (motorcycle,western,work,hiking,buckle)
*Vintage Tooled Belts
*Vintage Beer Shirts
*Vintage Band shirts (metal,punk,rock&roll)
*Vintage Jewelry
(Native American,60's/70's Mod,handmade)
*Leather Motorcycle Jackets
*Vests (motorcycle,fleece lined,denim, leather,fringe)
*Denim Levi's Jackets (including fleece lined)
*Pendletons (and lots of other vintage flannels)
*Belt Buckles
And so much more. New items added daily. Come check us out!!


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